11 Ways to Start Saving Your Cash Money in 2017!

11 Ways to Start Saving Your Cash Money in 2017!

We all wish we had a little more money in our pockets, but sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. You want to live your life, but also have some funds for a rainy day. A balancing act indeed, but who says you need to give up a ton to strike it? Try these tiny tweaks to have more money without even trying that hard, or giving anything up!

1. Just Say "No" To Retail Therapy

If you're feeling down in the dumps, you may think that a new outfit will make you feel better and hit the mall. Take a step away from the department stores and your credit card when you're going through some heavy stuff, and reach out to friends and family for emotional support, and exercise, journal, or meditate instead. 

2. Ask for a Price Adjustment

If you made a purchase within a few days, or weeks, and are back in the store only to notice that the price has gone down, ask for a price adjustment. If you're a regular customer, chances are they'll at least consider refunding the difference to keep you coming back!

3. Use the 30-Day Rule

Use the 30-Day Rule

Let's say that you're eyeing a super expensive pair of knee-high boots. They'd go with everything. They're so sexy. You NEED them. But not so fast... will you still want it with that undying vigor in a month's time? Wait it out and see, to avoid cluttering your space with another thing you may not actually want or need.

4. Get Comfy Bartering

Sure, many of the prices you see aren't capable of being changed: like the latte at your local cafe, but some things actually are. When you're at a farmer's market, or a freelance community of services or goods (think Etsy) chances are that you can simply ask about a lower rate. The worst case scenario? They say no and you pay the usual. The best? That you save some extra dollars!

5. Not Using Your Car? Rent it Out!

There are companies like Turo that will let you earn money while you're not using your car. If you don't use it often, or just park it at work and allow it to collect dust for 8+ hours per day, put it on a platform where it can be put to work for you.

6. The Rule of Half

Just start consuming half as much as usual. How do you do this? Try half as much toothpaste, half as much hair product, or half as much salad dressing. Try this with enough things and you'll learn the things you never ever want to skimp on again, and the ones you don't care about as much.


Bring your own mug! You'll save ten cents at S-bucks, which may sound like nothing, but over time, as in: daily visits, you'll save nearly $35. Hey, it's more than we thought!

8. Celebrate Meatless Mondays

Meat tends to add flavor to a meal, but is also disproportionately more expensive than alternative protein products. If you go meat-free even one extra day of the week, your wallet will thank you.

9. Don't Use The ATM

Assuming there's a transaction fee, just be sure to go to the neatest bank, or make it a habit to keep cash on hand. If you're budgeting, it may also be helpful to already have the cash you need for the week, and not take out anything else.

10. Enable Autopay

Why go through the hassle of paper bills, and varying timelines, when you can streamline the process? Take everything paperless, and select the "autopay in full" option for all of the bills that you possibly can.

11. Maybe Don't Netflix and Chill

Do you know what you're paying for all of your entertainment subscriptions? It could be for TV like Netflix, HBO, or Hulu. Take inventory: when was the last time you used the service? Did you love it, or could you do without it? Cancel anything that you know you can do without.

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