Feeling Down? Practice These Daily Routines To Get On The Road To Positivity

Feeling Down? Practice These Daily Routines To Get On The Road To Positivity

With the holidays in full-swing, reconnecting with family, and the weather getting a lot cooler, it can be hard to stay upbeat. There are times when life gets you down, and you wonder: how am I going to get though this?

To start, you can build yourself up by honing a positive mindset. It won't make everything better, but it'll make everything seem better, which is the first step toward a happier reality, inviting more of it your way.

1. Practice Gratitude

Start the day by writing down at least 3 things that you're thankful for, taking a moment of pause to truly appreciate each one. If this proves to be a difficult task, think back to the basics: such as having the ability to write, the fact that you're breathing with ease in this moment, or that your pillow is pretty darn comfy.

2. Clear Your Mind

Whether it be by meditating, going on a silent hike, or even deeply breathing, take at least ten minutes per day to get away from technology, talking, and even your own thoughts by engaging in an activity that transcends your usual day-to-day activity. Over time you'll hone perspective, and an uncanny ability to be relaxed, soothed and calm, even in tense moments.

3. Get Your Zzzz's

If you need 10 minutes of meditative time, know that won't cut it, you'll need another 8 hours of time in dream land. Dreaming lets your subconscious work through the happenings of the day, and lets your muscles rebuild so that you're able to truly start a new day when the sun comes up. Your muscles are refreshed, your mind is invigorated, and you're ready for the new possibilities of this crisp, new day.

4. Help Out Others

If there's something you see someone struggling with, that would be easy for you, ask if you could lend a helping hand. Helping others doesn't mean self sacrifice, it means allowing others to carry less weight, because the burden to ourselves is less.

5. Feed Your Soul

If you only east  fast food and candy bars, you may feel happy in the moment of consumption, but not much outside of that time. Aim for balance in your diet, incorporating a wide variety of color and nutritional value, for the most satisfied body, and life.

6. Listen Out For Your Passion

If you feel lost and not quite sure how to proceed, know that all of the answers you need are already within you. Write down three things you love to do and three things you'd like to see change for the better in the world. Then brainstorm ways to combine the two. Trust us, you'll be on the road to happiness in no time!

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