Tantric Sex Isn't Just For Yogis. Here's How You Can Do It For The Very First Time

Tantric Sex Isn't Just For Yogis. Here's How You Can Do It For The Very First Time

Tantric sex may sound like something that happens if you're on a spiritual journey, Eat-Pray-Love style, and happen to meet a sensually advanced foreign man with an energizer bunny cock. To make matters worse, Sting famously, and inaccurately, scared us all into thinking never-could-we-ever with this quote, "if I had seven hours I would demonstrate" (his poor wife).

In fact, tantric sex doesn't require the flexibility of a pro gymnast, nor does it require a full work-day's worth of stamina. The basic premise of tantric sex is mindfulness, and it's achievable by nearly anyone who engages in sex and spirituality; it merely combines the two. Sit back, relax and enjoy these ways to begin your tantric sex journey.

1. Don't Have Sex... Yet

Don't Have Sex... Yet

You don't just jump in the sack and start having slow sex. The emphasis is on building connection and anticipation. Take the time to get to know every part of your partner's body through an hour-long massage. Let them do the same for you. It's a matter of exploring the sensual, acting as a gateway to the overtly sexual.

2. Do Everything... Slowly

Do Everything... Slowly

Take some time to focus on your breath. How does it feel when you touch him like that? How does it feel when he touches you. Experiment with prolonged, soft and slow movements that are nearly meditative in how in-the-moment they are. Allow your body to absorb every available sensation, and appreciate the connectivity that it brings you and your tantric partner.

3. Maintain Eye Contact

Maintain Eye Contact

Do you consciously open your eyes during sex? Do you enjoy meeting your lover's eyes, and holding their gaze? It's intimate, and during tantric sex, you're going to want to hone your comfort level to the point that you're not just okay with locking eyes, but revel in it.

4. Be Aware of the Scent of The Space

Be Aware of the Scent of The Space

When designing your space for tantric intimacy, be sure to clear all clutter, fill the space with lavender, rose, or ylang-ylang. Make sure it's clean, comfortable, and invigorates the senses in a way that leaves space for the expereince that you seek.

5. Be In Your Skin

Be In Your Skin

While sex can lead you to a transcendental state, while engaging in tantric sex it's important to be attuned to your body. The anticipation of him entering you, mixed with the full awareness of his stroke on your thigh that's happening at the same time. Let yourself feel the energy of his thrusts to your core. Welcome the full range of sensations and emotions that come from being so close with another person. 

6. Breathe One Another's Breath

Breathe One Another's Breath

When he breathes out, breathe his breath inward, and when you exhale, allow him to take in your air. This sort of breath exchange is like a ying and yang experience that mirrors the situation of sex, in which you are being entered and he is entering. If you can only focus on one thing, make it your breath.

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