This Japanese Gift Wrapping Method Will Blow Your Mind

This Japanese Gift Wrapping Method Will Blow Your Mind

Raise your hand if you've ever wrapped a gift and gone back to the store to purchase a bow to hide your ratchet tape job. Or if you've ever told your beau that "it was so cute" when your nephew helped wrap his gift when you know damn well that you are 100% responsible for that mess. Ladies, no need to be ashamed if you're nothing like Martha Steward in a craft room, and more of a freak in the gift-wrapping sheets: there's a simple technique that will change everything.

This young man (bless him!) decided to show us, in slow-motion, how to wrap presents in a way that always gets the job done right. Take a look:The Youtuber describes the technique he witnessed in a department store as his gift was wrapped within 30 seconds, in a "diagonal" and "weird" way, to the point that he decided to unwrap it when he got home, understand the technique and share.

Here are a few tips we took away

1. Make sure you have the right size. If you item is in the very center, make sure there's about an inch or two of overlap.

2. Rotate your present at an angle

3. Create an "edge"

4. Focus on one edge at a time, the rest will be sorted out later

There you have it. Ready to impress all your friends (the ones worthy of a gift, anyway)?! Yes you are girl, go get 'em!

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