Healthy Single-Serve Desserts You Can Make In A Mug

DIY Desserts Mug
Running with Spoons

Do you ever have those sweet pangs, the ones that stop you in your tracks and you're pretty sure you can't rest until you've satisfied that sweet tooth? You don't necessarily want to overindulge, but even a bite of a freshly baked cookie or decadent cake would satisfy. Here's some good news: you can have your cake-in-a-mug, and eat it too! And, ya know what else? They're not that bad for you. Now get your mug ready for these single-serve dessert recipes!

1. 1 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake from Chocolate Covered Katie

Chocolate cake that's a good source of fiber (6.5g) and protein (5.5g), all for about 200 calories? Pass the spoon please!

2. Oatmeal Cookie Dough Mug Cake from Running With Spoons

This coconut flour, oatmeal, chocolate-chipped cup of yum has the perfect moist, warm, under-baked consistency of a cookie taken out of the oven early, but definitely not too soon.

3. Low Fat Banana Mug Cake from Chocolate Covered Katie

Let the natural sugars of an overripe banana work for you as the main ingredient in this mug cake recipe.

4. Cake Batter Mug Cake from Running to the Kitchen

Eat your heart out with this protein rich, sprinkle dusted joy-in-a-cup... never mind that it's not even your birthday!

5. Mocha Chip Mug Cake from Running with Spoons

If you're in the mood for something chocolatey and coffee-ey, look no further than this 5-ingredient mocha chip mug cake! Don't be afraid to get a little crazy and have the inspiration, a mocha drink, in an accompanying mug.

6. Chocolate Hazelnut Mug Cake by Running to the Kitchen

Grab a jar of all natural nutella (see Justin's here) and get ready for a light-airy, spongy moist piece of cake in a cup.

7. Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie by Healthy Food for Living

Put some butter out to get to room temperature in preparation of this deep-dish (or is it deep-mug?), decadent fully-cooked cookie in a cup!

8. Deep Dish White Chocolate Chip Crownie by Healthy Food for Living

You didn't think we'd cover the cookie and bake bases without mentioning a brownie recipe, did you? Okay, so it's not quite a brownie, not quite a cookie, it's both! This recipe is perfect for the nights when you want a bite of something that tastes naughty, sans guilt.

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