Is Your Morning Cup of Jo Causing Relationship Problems? Studies Say Yes. Here are Some Caffeine Alternatives

Morning Cup Of Happiness
Kaboom Pics

Your morning cup of Joe may make you more likely to pick a fight with your boyfriend, Joe. Studies show that while caffeine makes us feel more alert and upbeat, that effect really only occurs in the first hour or so. Once you come down from the high, however, you're more likely to bomb a cognitive test, oh yeah, and be overrun by emotions, and pick a fight with someone, anyone around you. 

Caffeine stays in your system for at least 6 hours from the time of consumption, with some studies suggesting a full 24 hours to completely come down from its effects. And what is more likely to happen when you haven't slept well? Again, you'll defer to emotions and be less agreeable and rational in your thinking, with your EQ taking a noticeable hit. Here are some other options to help you boost your energy levels in the morning that won't cause you to be a crab apple!

1. Drink a Glass of Water

When you think you're hungry, or tired, it could be your body's way of saying, "I'm thirsty, please drink up or else I'm gonna crash ASAP." Go ahead and indulge in some lemon water, tea or any variation of H20.

2. Get Moving

If you have a moment to drop and give yourself 20, stretch a hearty stretch, or, best of all, go for a walk around the office, or venture outside and around the block, do it! You'll feel infinitely more energized than if you stay seated for 8 straight hours, getting progressively more tired thinking about how to perk up.

3. LOL

Whether it be from a viral video, your kooky coworker, or recalling a ridiculous memory, laughing out loud is enough to give you a jolt of creativity and energy worth taking advantage of. 


4. Sunshine

Never underestimate the power of some good ol' vitamin D. In the winter months you may feel exhausted because it's never out. Or you may be in the midst of summer, but not truly experience the sun because you're in a cubicle all day. Whatever the situation, if you can't get to the real deal, find a fake respite with a sun lamp to remind you that it's daytime, the best time to be productive and engaged in this thing called life.

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